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When your customer has a problem with one of your parts, they need expert advice. Your employees are experts in their fields, but can they guide your customer through a diagnosis or repair? We, at CarInspector.US, are the leading experts in the automotive inspection and claims review industry. We will be your on-staff expert. Your customers will thank you and so will your accountant!

Claims Management


Salesmen are experts at selling. When a customer comes to them with a problem, a good salesman will do whatever it takes to make that customer happy. Unfortunately, this often costs the business owner a LOT of money. Salesmen are not experts at diagnosing vehicles. Salesmen are not experts at reviewing repair orders and invoices to ensure accuracy and warranty compliance. Salesmen sell. When you have a customer with a problem on a mechanical part, send them to someone who is qualified to help them and you throughout the process. Send them to your staff of experts ... CarInspector.US.

Whether you have a small yard with only a few salesmen or a network of yards with dozens of salesmen, we have a program to help you limit your exposure to mechanical claims. It has been our experience that most of our customers see at least a 40% decrease in returns and make good units following our program. We have some customers that report an 80% decrease in returns and make good units. Contact us now to learn how you can increase your business, decrease your credits, and make your salesmen more productive.